Sarah and Isa have been close friends for over ten years. Sarah comes from an environmental and social sustainability background and Isa brings his experience as a vendor and business owner to the table.  While participating in East Coast craft and trade shows, Isa saw a wealth of socially and environmentally conscious businesses.  Sarah recognized a need for a platform to connect them to customers who share their values.  The two decided to join forces to make Lightfoot Market a reality.


Sarah Sproviero


Sarah is an NYC-based ecopreneur passionate about building a community for conscious consumers and responsible businesses.  She has a background in ecology, community science, education, and fine art.  Sarah holds her Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.

If Sarah were an animal, she would be a: cuttlefish


Isa Wang


Isa is a co-owner of The Bower Studio: a design studio, herbal apothecary, and local gift store.  He has exhibited his sustainable, handmade products at over 60 markets and trade shows.  Isa has a BFA in Fine Arts from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University.

If Isa were an animal, he would be a: stoat




Kristin Hanczor

Community Outreach & Sustainability

Kristin is passionate about all things sustainability, and has experience creating and promoting environmentally conscious initiatives within corporations and nonprofits. She is currently pursuing an MBA in Sustainability from Bard and holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Government from Bowdoin College.

If Kristin were an animal, she would be a: polar bear


Julia Mellon

Public Relations and Marketing

An integrated marketing strategist by trade, Julia helps brands engage, empower and inspire consumers. Julia believes that now, more than ever, Americans can vote with their wallets and is passionate about making environmental and social sustainability accessible to all. Julia has a B.A. in Political Science and Drama from Washington University in St. Louis.

If Julia were an animal, she would be a: spider monkey


Laurie Rudzinski

Research Analyst

Laurie’s background includes architecture, economics, Arabic and global affairs from PSU and NYU. After receiving a Master’s in energy policy from Columbia she plans to pursue a PhD with the Energy and Resources Group, Berkeley. She volunteers with the not-for-profit, Student Energy and has recently joined Brooklyn’s Fashion and Design Accelerator as a studying member with the goal of furthering her knowledge of sustainable supply chains.

If Laurie were an animal, she would be a: monkey


Katie Oakes

Director of Branding & Communications

As a marketing professional, Katie shines at translating complex ideas into accessible and compelling stories. She believes that social and environmental values should be at the core of corporate responsibility, and is inspired by brands that are using these principles to build impactful business models. Katie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis.

If Katie were an animal, she would be: an orca whale.


Margaret Baughman

Branding & Marketing Consultant

Margaret is a brand strategist based in Brooklyn and has a background in psychology from Duke University. She is inspired by purpose-driven organizations and is interested in the intersection of design, business, and sustainability.

If Margaret were an animal, she would be a: fennec fox