Here at Lightfoot, we follow the same standards we ask our partners to. We embed sustainability in our core, and are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to lighten our footprint and boost our positive impact. Read on for some of our sustainability strategies!


Our Events

Zero-Waste: We are committed to putting on “zero-waste” events. This means diverting 90%+ of our waste from landfills to a compost or recycling facility. All food trucks and vendors will use only compostable or recyclable utensils to help us achieve this goal.

Recycling & Compost: Lightfoot volunteers will staff waste stations around the venue to help all shoppers properly sort their waste into a compost, recycling, or (small!) landfill bin.

Event Decorations: We will only display decorations and signs made from recycled materials or that can be recycled or reused after the event. All artwork will be created with non-toxic products.

Responsible Food: We will only host food vendors that have responsible, ethical food at the center of their business. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available, and the Lightfoot team will do our best to highlight local food items and the sustainability practices of our vendors.


Our Marketing

Electronic: To minimize the environmental impact of our marketing efforts, the bulk is on websites, in existing publications, and on our social media pages.

Guerrilla Marketing: Our marketing strategy is based on the idea of guerrilla marketing, which is virgin-paperless and waste free. Look out for inspiring and unexpected Lightfoot marketing in your New York City neighborhood!

Seed Paper Flyers: All Lightfoot event flyers will be printed on seed paper made from sustainably harvested Lokta tree bark that is embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds. Fly-aways can easily decompose and potentially spread some flowery cheer!

Recycled Business Cards: Lightfoot team business cards are all printed on recycled paper.


Our Economy

Growing a Green Economy: We support sustainable businesses by connecting them to you! When you buy a product with high social and environmental value, you’re creating a demand for innovative, local, and sustainable goods. As conscious consumers, we’re voting with our dollars to remove toxic and unethical products from the marketplace. What’s more powerful than that?!

Market Standards: All vendors go through a vetting process to ensure their core business practices and values align with our Building Blocks

Creating Accessibility: We are democratizing the sustainable marketplace by making ethical and safe products accessible to all through transparency, design, and cost. We curate a wide range of product prices, keep our market free for shoppers and affordable for vendors.

Value Sharing: At the market, we will raffle off products from our sponsors and vendors. The money raised from ticket sales (at $2 each) will be donated to a local non-profit.