Vendor Spotlight: Weaving Hand


“Vendor Spotlights” are a recurring blog theme, where we highlight different artists and businesses who will be attending Lightfoot Market, focusing on their background, connection to sustainability, and what products they will be bringing.


Weaving Hand

Cynthia Alberto

Brooklyn, NY

Zero Waste woven products and home goods such as bags, keychains, placemats, bracelets, and business card holders.


What are your environmental / social initiatives?

Zero Waste Weaving: In Zero Waste Weaving, scrap yardage is cut into strips and used as the weft material in this specialized weaving technique. We help designers eliminate waste while adding one of kind pieces to their collections.


When and why did you start your business?

Weaving Hand started in 2007 as a small weaving studio primarily teaching children and has since organically grown into to working on commission projects and teaching more classes. Weaving Hand was started from Cynthia's desire to create a major life change and the needed an outlet for healing.



What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is intentionally living your life with the intention of preservation and not to waste (throw things away) which can help to form community, increase your awareness, and influence the products you purchase.


What is one thing readers can do to lighten their footprint?

Buy less clothes, and recycle them!