Vendor Spotlight: The Health of Nations INC


“Vendor Spotlights” are a recurring blog theme, where we highlight different artists and businesses who will be attending Lightfoot Market, focusing on their background, connection to sustainability, and what products they will be bringing.


The Health of Nations INC

Serhii Brizhytskii, Ivan Kychenko, Tetiana Farhuts

Brooklyn, NY

Organic Laundry Detergents and Organic Dishwashing Soaps

What are your environmental / social initiatives?

One simple principle underlies our organic production ethos: our products are produced to the highest standards to promote environmental protection and ecological conservation. We use technologies that don’t pollute the air and water, don’t emit noxious fumes, and don’t have hazardous waste by products. In order to obtain an organic certificate from ICEA, not only does the product have to be checked, but also the production technology must undergo careful review. If the technology does not meet the regulations of the certification center, the certificate will not be issued. Organic Control is proud to hold the ICEA distinction.


When and why did you start your business?

The Health of Nations INC was created by the group of enthusiastic people in February 2016.
We are concerned about our health and health of our loved ones. We care about the health of our families, our children, our cats, dogs, parrots, and even our micro-pigs. And, when it comes to care, we want to be sure that the household products and food that we purchase for ourselves and for our loved ones are the best. That’s why we have created a health product corporation where each item that we sell supports longevity, beauty, and is safe for the environment.



What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is about the quality of not being harmful to the environment and support long-term ecological balance. We believe that our future is based on our choices today. We choose what kind of food to eat, whether or not to use plastic or cardboard, whether or not to use the products which are harmful to the environment. We make choices, and those choices always determine the results we get. That’s why we represent only biodegradable, eco-friendly, organic or natural products.


What is one thing readers can do to lighten their footprint?

Lead a more conscious lifestyle.