Vendor Spotlight: Nuno Gift Wrap


“Vendor Spotlights” are a recurring blog theme, where we highlight different artists and businesses who will be attending Lightfoot Market, focusing on their background, connection to sustainability, and what products they will be bringing.


Nuno Gift Wrap

Ann Hintze, Founder & Cassandra Zimmerman, Co-Founder

Salt Lake City, UT

Reusable & Recycled Gift Wrap


What are your environmental / social initiatives?

We aim to reduce unnecessary gift wrap waste by providing reusable fabric gift wrap. And don't let our silky fabrics fool you, they're all made of post consumer recycled plastic, helping put to use all those plastic bottles otherwise heading for the landfill.


When and why did you start your business?

Nuno Gift Wrap was founded in May 2016 by its founders' desire to use their creativity to spread joy and help make the world a more sustainable place.



What does sustainability mean to you?

For Nuno, sustainability is about giving Mother Nature a break by bringing our human behaviors more in tune with our planet and in respect of her resources. Collectively we work together towards this goal by minimizing waste, reusing what we have, and by creating products that can stand the test of time.


What were some of the challenges you faced incorporating sustainability into your business?

We’ve learned so much about the fabric printing industry, and as we are testing and refining our product, we are constantly looking for better ways to incorporate more sustainable and eco-friendly processes. We are proud that our current product uses minimal packaging, a water-based printing process so it’s completely non-toxic, and our custom fabric is made of 100% recycled plastic—letting those bottles have one long useful (and beautiful) life. This isn’t the end for us, we are continuing to find better ways to make our business more sustainable.



What is one thing readers can do to lighten their footprint?

Changing habits can be hard, especially when they're associated with feel good memories, like wrapping presents the night before a holiday. If we all can find ways to reuse existing materials and make them just as beautiful or better than the original, we will win more people over to wanting to be sustainable, rather than making them feel bad about their former behaviors. We believe a better marriage between design and sustainability is a match made in heaven.