Vendor Spotlight: BODY STUFF


“Vendor Spotlights” are a recurring blog theme, where we highlight different artists and businesses who will be attending Lightfoot Market, focusing on their background, connection to sustainability, and what products they will be bringing.


Ilaria Tarozzi

Brooklyn, NY

NO BS skincare

What are your environmental / social initiatives?


WE TRULY CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT. We strive to be as eco-conscious as we can with any choice throughout our business, and we hire and collaborate with businesses that adopt similar philosophies. Our products are formulated without chemicals, because our bodies and the Planet are sufficiently polluted with chemicals. Also, by formulating multifunctional products, we are encouraging less purchases, which leads to less WASTE. At the markets, you will often be able to find one-of-a-kind creations, like scented candles poured in upcycled containers that would otherwise be thrown away!


When and why did you start your business?

BODY STUFF was born in 2015, as a mean to voice my fed-upness with the greenwashing, and the BS surrounding the skincare industry, while serving as my creative outlet, too. My vision is to create a whole NO BS-lifestyle brand, that unveils the truth, and destroys the myths carried on by the beauty industry, for a happier, fuller, simpler life.


What does sustainability mean to you?

The literal meaning. It means to create something that can be sustained by the Earth, by causing the smallest footprint possible. It means to show respect for what we were given, and be aware that all of our choices have an impact.


What were some of the challenges you faced incorporating sustainability into your business?

Mostly, cost and margins. My costumers are people like me, unable to shell out big bucks for an every-day product. This means that I always have to find a balance between sacrificing margins, and making the most sustainable choice. It's still a business, and it needs cash to be fueled. The higher the volumes, the more sustainable choices we will be able to make, so fingers crossed!


What is one thing readers can do to lighten their footprint?

Be aware of greenwashing. Read labels and ditch toxic products, because they're toxic for the planet too. You can download apps like Think Dirty to facilitate it. Liquid soaps? Out the window. Go with natural soap bars.